About Me

Hi, Im Tyler Kidd! Im 22, and I’ve spent most of my life living in Cameron Park, CA. I currently go to Folsom Lake College in pursuit of my Art New Media degree. I am very thankful and blessed to still live at home with my wonderful mother, step-dad, and little brother.

As a child I spent a lot of time around music. My grandfather was a karaoke DJ, so some nights I’d get to watch him an my mom sing. I learned a lot, and always enjoyed singing. My Grandpa recorded my first cover of “Im Proud To Be An American” by Lee Greenwood at around age 5. Listen to it below! 😀

My dream has always been to become a rockstar, but more importantly to make my Mom proud. Lets be real, I was probably a mistake, but I want to prove to me Mom all her hard work wasn’t for nothing. I was a pain in the ass as a teenager and it’s time to make up for that! Let’s get mom a new home!!

I’ve played guitar for over 10 years now. Music helps me cope which is why I do all of this! As a teen I was very depressed due to relationship issues. Some nights I spent in a bathtub covered in my own blood to cope. Thankfully I am way past that now, and because of peoples support and belief in my music I am able to release these emotions and cope with them in a better way!

I hope to inspire other to follow their dreams and pursuit of happiness!!

Please follow me on this journey!  😀